The region is well-known for its markets : traditional, covered, funfairs, organic, night-time, flea and even Christmas markets all take place.
The list is extensive and can be viewed at : Cevennes Tourisme
For our part, each week starting in 2022 we will be organising a market next to the tennis/padel courts for Domaine des Barons de la Chasse residents….

This will enable us to: Support the local economy and employment in a region, because by consuming local produced goods we are driving local economic activity.
Promote the development of social ties between farmers and citizens, because the market is a convivial place that encourages interaction and discussion.
Improve the quality of food because agricultural farming techniques encourage local, hardy varieties. It offers us the opportunity to rediscover forgotten fruits and vegetables, grains and pulses that have disappeared from the world of “conventional eating”.
Support farms who have opted for farming techniques that respect humans and the environment.
Develop access to organic food that costs less through direct producer – consumer distribution.

Contact us to come and offer your products to our residents.

For market days in the surrounding area, click on this link:
Jours de marché aux environs du Domaine des Barons de Chasse