The Domaine
des Barons de la Chasse

fondateur eco domaine sud de la France

«Le Domaine des Barons de la Chasse» or more simply “Le Domaine des Barons”, is a Residential Eco Domaine in the Gard department of France, located in the commune of Bouquet, opposite the mountain which shares the same name.

The Domaine was fundamentally created by one man, Jack Letailleur. This man sweated blood and tears wielding a pick-axe and shovel in the 1970s to start work on the Domaine of today. Before founding the Domaine, he started his working life as a pilot on the French Air Force. During his army career, he spent 18 month undergoing training in the USA and fought for France in Indochina. Over this time, he formed a close friendship with a group of men who became his “brothers in arms”. Many of these men have gone on to have exceptional careers. For example, amongst their number we could cite the Concorde captain, great Generals in the armed forces, or the man who produced Mutiny on the Bounty starring Marlon Brando.

We were looking for an identity that would allow the Domaine to develop, we looked back at its origins and this name quickly seemed an obvious choice. A new take-off, clad in green (the colour of the French Air Force and ecology), a breath-taking aerial view and a beautiful story based on friendship. You will find out about each of these pilots and their careers along the paths that have been renamed after them and which feature a short biography of each outlining key moments in their careers, characterised skies that they have explored. As you’ll see, the sky features prominently here and it isn’t unusual for fighter jets to pass by on exercise or for one to catch oneself in the act of contemplating the night sky at the Domaine.

The Domaine extends over 47 hectares, of which slightly less than 5 hectares is devoted to the Residential Leisure Park.

Our dream is to develop a project that is ecologically and socially responsible and ensures that the immense technical potential of the innovations of our era benefit humankind and the environment. We want to offer high quality products and services that respect and protect our environment and promote sustainable long-term investment. A small eco-village built around a central agora incorporating restaurants, bar, shop, a well-being centre, a seminar and conference room… A few steps away, spacious, comfortable cottages, mobile holiday accommodation and unusual accommodation. Close by, a sports and leisure park, a central entertainment area, tennis, padel and multisport courts and a fitness trail. All of it facilitating access to local cultural activities and local products by making facilities available to artists and artisans. And in the local region, countless historic, panoramic and natural sites to explore and enjoy.


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