Rules & Regulations


The Parc Résidential de Loisirs du Domaine des Barons de la Chasse (“Parc du DBC”) is used by users in compliance with the provisions below which constitute the “Rules and Regulations” forming an integral part of the “Yearly rental contract for a plot intended for the installation of a light leisure home (HLL)” that they have signed.

These provisions are applicable by right to all residents and to any person authorized to enter the Parc du DBC. Each resident may freely use the “common areas” provided, if they respect their intended purpose and do not impede the rights of other residents.

The Management has full authority to enforce these Rules and to accept or refuse access or entry to the Parc du DBC to any individual or representative of a legal entity.

In the event of an incident or damage, the DBC Park Management, its operator and the relevant insurance company decline all responsibility due to non-compliance with the Internal Regulations.

In the event that a resident, his guests or tenants disturb other users’ stay or does not comply with the provisions of these Rules and Regulations, the manager or his representative may request the resident/client causing the disturbance to cease so doing in writing or orally, should they deem it necessary.

In case of a serious or repeated infringement of the Rules and Regulations and after having been requested by the manager to comply, he may terminate the contract. In the event of a criminal offence, the manager can call in the police.

All questions, observations and complaints concerning the Parc du DBC must be made exclusively in writing, dated, signed in a non-anonymous manner, and addressed to the Management, which will study them to verify their validity and thus provide the most appropriate response.

Minors who are not accompanied by their parents will not be admitted.

Pursuant to Article R. 611-35 of the code of entry and residence of foreigners and the right of asylum, the manager is required to have an individual police form completed and signed by the foreign seasonal tenant upon arrival. For each foreign person, it must imperatively mention:

1° Surname and first names;

2° Date and place of birth;

3° Nationality;

4° Usual home address.

Children under 15 years of age may be listed on the form of one of their parents.

These Rules and Regulations are displayed at the entrance of the Parc du DBC and at the reception desk. A copy can be given to all persons who request it.

For categorized leisure parks, the category is displayed with the number of pitches.

The prices of the various services are communicated to the customers under the conditions determined by order of the minister in charge of consumption and can be consulted at the reception.



The Parc du DBC is a residential village dedicated exclusively to outdoor and leisure tourism. Nobody can elect to live permanently at the Parc du DBC, and all residents and clients must be able to provide evidence of a permanent address (with the exception of the concierge) outside the Parc du DBC. This proof can be requested by the prefectural services through the manager.

Any professional activity, including liberal, sales, industrial or trade and artisan professionals of all kinds, is forbidden.

The residential recreation park is closed each year during the months of December and January.

Also, the gate badge and water as well as electricity services will be disabled during the two months of closure.

Access to the Parc du DBC is subject to payment of rent and charges for residents and the price of the stay for tenants, guests and tourists.

Each resident agrees not to interfere with the rights of the other residents, nor with the use of the building, since the occupation of each plot of land by each one must be carried out by persons of good character and morals, so as not to interfere, directly or indirectly, with the good order or tranquility of the Parc du DBC.



Each resident must subscribe to an insurance policy covering civil liability towards any third party and particularly fire, explosions, and water damage, for his or her furniture from rental risks with a company known to be solvent and justify this insurance and the payment of premiums to the lessor or his or her representative annually and no later than January 31 of each year.

Non-residents must provide proof of civil liability insurance of the same type with a reputable company for the duration of their stay at the Domaine.

Any damage or deterioration occurring in the rented premises, under penalty of being made personally liable for failure, to report it in a timely manner, must be reported immediately to the insurance company and the resident is responsible for informing the owner or his representative at the same time.

No person staying in the park can exercise any recourse against the manager in case of theft, burglary, or criminal act of which it could be victim in the rented premises or in the common parts of the Parc.

Any person staying in the Parc must be able to prove, upon request from the Management, a valid insurance certificate covering his or her insurance.

A photocopy of the insurance certificate attesting to the period of validity and listing the insured damage is required each year following the date of renewal of the insurance of each resident.

Any rainwater harvesting installation installed on the rented plot is under the responsibility of its owner and must be included in his “civil liability” policy.



Residents are reminded that they must respect the natural environment and are forbidden to set up vegetable gardens, artificial flowers, vehicle wrecks, and deposits of garbage or rubble of any kind on the plots and the common areas.

As the environment is particularly sensitive and there is a high risk of fire, everyone must be vigilant at all times.

Therefore, each resident will be responsible for cleaning up his or her plot of land of leaves and dead wood to prevent the spread of fires.

All fires are prohibited on pitches and in communal areas. Open fires (wood, coal, etc.) are strictly forbidden. All stoves must be maintained in good condition and must not be used in dangerous conditions.
Smoking is strictly forbidden on the Domaine, especially in the communal areas, paths, play areas and the swimming pool. Failure to comply with these instructions will be immediately sanctioned.

No vehicle may park on the access roads or lanes at the Parc du DBC, this measure is intended to facilitate emergency vehicle access.

In the event of a fire, users must inform the Management immediately and operate a car alarm intermittently. Extinguishers should be used as required. An emergency first aid kit is available at reception.

An alarm siren system is installed at the Club House and can be actioned by smashing the glass intended for this purpose. A second alarm is located at reception and can be activated by the concierge.

In the event of a fire, it is recommended that everyone assemble around the swimming pool area with towels, which they can then wet and use if required and to go without delay to the assembly points clearly and distinctly indicated on the Estate map.

Using a vehicle to leave the site is forbidden due to the risk of traffic jams and accidents.

In the event of an accident, all users must immediately inform the Management.

For reasons of safety, maintenance and availability, the loan of equipment belonging to the Park du DBC is not done with the exception of the trailer which will only be used inside the Park and whose loan requires a prior request to the Technicians..

An emergency first aid kid, as well as the telephone numbers of various emergency services are available at the reception and in the Club House (ask for the key to the kitchen, animators or Management).

It is forbidden to cut down any dead trees without prior written agreement of the Management or its Representatives.

The Management is responsible for any objects left in the office and has a general obligation to oversee security at the Parc du DBC. The resident is responsible for their own installation and must inform the manager of the presence of any suspicious person. Clients are invited to take the usual precautions to protect their equipment

No violent or disruptive game can be organized near the accommodation.
The Club House may not be used for boisterous games.
Children must be kept under their parents’ supervision at all times.

Equipment that is not in use may only be left on the site with the Management’s agreement and only in the specified area. There may be a charge for this service.



Everyone is requested to refrain from any action that may harm the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the Parc du DBC and its facilities, in particular sanitary facilities.

Garbage, waste of any kind, papers, must be deposited in the garbage cans. The washing of cars and mobiles is strictly forbidden. * laundry

Plants and floral arrangements must be respected. It is forbidden to bang nails into trees, to cut branches or to plant any plants.

It is not permitted to mark out the limits of a pitch through personal means, or to dig in the ground.

Any repairs to damage to plants, fences, the grounds or the facilities at the Parc du DBC will be charged to the perpetrator.

The pitch which has been used during the stay must be maintained in the state in which the tenant found it on arrival at the premises.



It is reminded that only one light vehicle is authorized per plot, but that a second vehicle can be tolerated for the rightful owners.

Please note : campers, vans, trucks and caravans are not allowed inside the DBC. Parking is strictly forbidden on the spaces usually occupied by the accommodation unless a parking space has been provided for this purpose. Parking must not hinder traffic flow or prevent new arrivals from settling in.

Only vehicles belonging to residents and clients staying on the site can be driven in the Parc du DBC. Guests’ vehicles must be parked in the car park at the entrance.

The speed limit for cars, motor bikes, bikes, quads, scooters and …, is strictly limited to 10 km / hour throughout the Parc du DBC.

Each resident is requested to limit the speed at which they drive their car due to the presence of pedestrians and children in the Parc du DBC.

The gate remote controls for access to the Parc du DBC are nominative and any fraudulent loan or use may be punished.

Vehicles cannot drive or park on play areas, swimming pools, kitchens or fire traffic circle, except for service vehicles.

It is forbidden to park or let park caravans, campers, trucks, trailers, cars, permanently on the car park at the entrance.



All residents are requested to not make any noise between 10 PM and 7 AM during the summer season out of respect for their neighbors. Clients are requested to avoid discussions or making any noise that may disturb their neighbors.

Sound devices must be adjusting accordingly. Car doors must be closed as quietly as possible.

In the same vein, it is recommended that everyone make as little noise as possible if arriving at the Parc du DBC late and to consider parking their car in the entrance car park if possible.

In addition, during the summer season, repairs and maintenance work on buildings and woodwork are only authorized between 9 AM and 12.30 PM and from 3.30 PM to 8 PM so that families can rest.

Any information displayed on the information boards intended for this purpose must be approved beforehand by the Management. Any unapproved displays are forbidden.

Any fact, gesture, word or attitude considered as an offence against morality, will expose its perpetrator to contractual sanctions that may go as far as the termination of their contract, subject to legal proceedings that may be initiated. Any person in a state of intoxication or causing a scandal of any kind detrimental to the serenity of the Parc du DBC may be immediately sanctioned.

Young children must not be left alone, parents must keep them under their supervision and ensure their safety throughout the Parc du DBC.



Each user must refrain from causing damage.

Any person frequenting the communal buildings must comply with a few rules: it is forbidden to run, push, smoke, spit or to bring animals into the buildings.

In the event of damage and/or soiling, repairs to the premises/equipment will be charged to those responsible.

Everybody is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the sanitary areas and their long-term use. Mini bins are available in each WC for paper, cotton wool, sanitary towels and other waste.

All persons present at the Parc du DBC must leave sanitary facilities in the state of cleanliness in which they would like to find them.



Authorization of courts usage is always on an hourly basis. Reservations can be made at reception in the little cabin at the entrance. Reservations are accepted for “today” and the following six calendar days.  As soon as they have played, they can make another reservation for the open period. The courts can be reserved from 9 am to 10 pm (the last hour start at 9 pm).

Keys should be collected from reception in the little cabin at the entrance. Keys must be returned after the match.

Rackets and balls can be rented from reception. An ID card is required from the person reserving the court, as well as a €5 caution. Any lost balls or damaged equipment will be charged to the person who has reserved the court at the rate set by the committee.

Do not use black-soled shoes or shoes that leave marks to play. The use of shoes that could damage the surface is prohibited. Maintenance managers are the only people apt to make this decision.

It is forbidden to leave any objects that are not used to play tennis on the courts. Players who take water bottles, beakers, seats, etc. … onto the courts are required to move them as soon as they leave the court.

Players must ensure that correct use of courts and associated equipment (nets, etc.). Players are requested to inform reception of any incidents that arise during the reserved court session.

The following are expressly prohibited:

  • Inappropriate dress or behavior (drunkenness, brawls, incitement to hatred or violence), any dangerous play for players or other people present on the court or outside it.
  • The use of balls or any other sports accessory or other accessory than those intended for tennis.
  • Throwing paper, glass, boxes, random objects onto the courts, to display notices, announcements, posters, etc. or to make any changes to the appearance and image of the area.
  • Moving the benches or undoing the nets. If necessary, this can be done under the supervision of a competent official.
  • Bringing animals onto the courts, even if on the lead.
  • Entering the courts with bikes and/or scooters.

Anybody who does not comply with the rules will not be able to reserve the courts and will therefore not be able to use them.



The swimming pool is not supervised, and its use and bathing are the responsibility of the users.

Annual opening and closing dates are decided by the Management.
The swimming pools are open from 10 am to 9 pm in high season. Outside these times, the swimming pools are closed. Any entry into the pool area outside of these hours will be punished by an immediate dismissal.

Before entering the swimming pools, bathers must pass through the foot bath and the shower for hygiene reasons and to assist with cleaning.

Bathers must not use the foot bath or showers for any other purposes than those for which they have been designed.

It is strictly forbidden to enter the swimming pools with a pushchair and/or shoes on your feet or in your hands, to run, push, eat or drink, to spit, to smoke as well as to use non-water resistant sunscreen products, creams of any kind, make-up and also to use flippers, diving masks, umbrellas, chairs, personal sun loungers and inflatable objects of any kind, with the exception of floatation devices for children who cannot swim.

Animals must not be brought into the pool area for any reason whatsoever. Access to the swimming pool is not permitted for any persons with suspect skin lesions who do not have a medical certificate attesting to the non-contagious nature of the lesions.

Minors may only enter the swimming pool area accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.



All of the equipment used is the sole responsibility of the user. The responsibility for any accident or incident occurring on the installations shall in no way be incumbent on the owner or operator, with the exception of accidents covered by his liability.



Dogs and other animals must never be left to roam freely. They must not be left at the Parc du DBC, or left shut in, in the absence of their masters, who are responsible for them. The manager guarantees peace and tranquility for all residents/clients by fixing times during which complete silence must be maintained.

Dogs are not permitted, even on a lead, around the play areas, swimming pools, the sanitary facilities, the bergerie and the kitchen.

Animals being walked must be on the lead and must not leave any “visible traces” behind them.



After having been authorized by the manager or their representative, visitors can be admitted to the parc under the responsibility of the residents et clients they are visiting.

The client can meet their guest(s) at reception. The services and facilities are available to visitors. However, a charge may be levied for the use of these facilities and rates are displayed at the entry of the Domaine and at the reception.

Visitors’ cars are not permitted inside the Parc du DBC.

Only the resident’s direct ascendants or descendants may enter the resident’s plot for free and are considered to be “bearers of this right”. Their names must be clearly mentioned in the place reserved for this purpose in the “LEASE” under “preamble” last paragraph.

Other family members and guests are considered to as “guests”, their visit must therefore be notified to the manager, at least 72 hours before their arrival, by the resident by means of an information form which the resident has been provided with and should make photocopies of for future use. Any person considered to be a “guest” may only be present at the Parc du DBC in the presence of the resident/tenant themselves.

The information forms must be completed in full and accompanied by a photocopy of the front and back identification of each “guest”.

These requirements are applicable to subtenants who are assimilated to residents.