The Domaine is well prepared for the 2023 season

The Domaine des Barons de la Chasse is waking up from its winter sleep! Spring welcomes us with trees that have regained their leaves, flowers that are winking at us, but above all the song of the birds that have found their nesting boxes.

The new season is getting ready with a few changes and the arrival of new staff to take care of you. Everything is in place to make your stay at the Domaine des Barons de la Chasse an unforgettable experience.

Published on : 18 April 2023.
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End of the year message

All the team of the Domaine des Barons de la Chasse wishes you a happy holiday season! We hope that the year 2022 reserved you some beautiful moments.

Published on : 16 December 2022.
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The medieval garden of Uzès and its towers. Ideas for 2023

Come and discover, in the heart of the city of Uzès, a place rich in history, art and botany. This place, located 30 minutes from the Domaine, is called “the medieval garden of Uzès and its towers”. Created in 1995 by the association In Situ in the grounds of the Raynon castle, if offers three botanical areas with no less than 450 varieties of plants, duly labelled, and illustrating the many uses that were made in the Middle Ages.

Published on : 24 November 2022.
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Looking for adventure in the forest? Ideas for 2023

Come and discover “Air de Nature”, the tree climbing course located less than 30 minutes from the Domaine, in the town of Saint Quentin la Poterie.

Published on : 20 October 2022.
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Parks in the Gard – Beautiful family vacations, ideas for 2023

The Domaine des Barons proposes you, for a nice family vacation, to discover the numerous activities available in the surroundings which will delight your little ones and yourself.

Published on : 22 September 2022.
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Riding – why not on horseback ?

For those who would like to discover the region in a different way, we suggest you to discover the numerous equestrian centers of the region. Indeed, the Domaine has in its surroundings, several centers or equestrian farms offering various services.

Published on : 18 August 2022.
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The most beautiful villages of France at our doorstep

In the area surrounding the Domaine, there are many beautiful villages that we recommend you to visit. These beautiful places are mostly full of history. Among them, you will discover the village of Lussan.

Published on : 9 August 2022.
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The Salamander cave – discover the bowels of the earth !

Get a lot of thrills and new knowledge by coming to discover the Salamander cave! The Salamander cave is one of the many caves in the region, it is located in Méjannes-le-Clap, only 16 minutes from the Domaine.

Published on : 26 July 2022.
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Canoes & kayaks – feet in the water !

This summer, come and discover the magnificent waterways of the region by taking advantage of the numerous possibilities for renting canoes, kayaks and paddles. You have two choices, depending on your desires, the gorges of the Cèze or those of the Ardèche.

Published on : 12 July 2022.
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Cicada music festival in Uzès – musical trip !

In order to allow you to know what to put in your suitcase, and for a better preparation of your stay at the The city of Uzès proposes, to art and music lovers, to meet at the Jardin de l’Évêché, on July 8 & 9 to participate in the 5th edition of the Cicada Festival.

Published on : 27 June 2022.
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La Bambouseraie – a little pleasure of escape !

Want to recharge your batteries?

Come and discover la Bambouseraie in the Cevennes, a place where calm and nature reign. This magnificent park located in Anduze began its existence in 1856 thanks to Eugene Mazel, a great lover of horticulture and natural sciences.

Published on : 16 June 2022.
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Organic thunder “Tonnerre de Bio” in Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie – organic is what we need !

On the occasion of the event, Tonnerre de Bio, come and share a moment of conviviality around a good glass of organic wine in the company of the winegrowers who cultivate them. This is organized in the village of Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie, 25 minutes from the Domaine, on June 4, 5 & 6.

Published on : 19 May 2022.
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The Pont du Gard – the remains of time !

The Pont du Gard (on the communes of Vers-Pont-du-Gard, left bank and Remoulins, right bank), at about 40 minutes from our Domaine, is a bridge-aqueduct built by the Romans in the 1st century A.D. It was built by nearly a thousand men in only five years ! This grandiose monument is classified as a Historic Monument and is listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

(c) picture : Aurélio Rodriguez

Published on : 5 May 2022.
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Olive en fête à Uzès – Long live the olive !

An emblematic product of our region will be honored on Friday, May 6 with “Olive en fête” organized by the Agricultural Promotion Committee of Uzès. You can discover during this day, the olive of our region in all its forms by going to the “Place aux Herbes” in Uzès.

Published on : 14 April 2022.
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Dinopédia parc – a journey back in time !

Would you like to introduce you and your children to the history of the world while having fun?

We suggest you discover the Dinopédia Parc, a leisure park located in La Grand-Combe, which is about 45 minutes from our Eco-Domaine in the Gard – France.

Published on : 30 March 2022.
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Castle/Château d’Allègre – in the heart of history !

As part of a beautiful walk with family, friends or alone, we invite you to discover the Château d’Allègre which is located in Allègre-les-Fumades. This monument whose date of construction is still unknown, but which we know is at least over 850 years old and one of the emblematic monuments in the history of our beautiful Gard region.

Published on : 18 March 2022.
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ANYBUDDY – sport training solutions

Want to stretch your limbs in a natural setting? Come over and discover the sports fields available on the Domaine.

Published on : 25 February 2022.
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Les Céramiques de Lussan – A breeding like not other

Dive into the heart of our region’s craftsmanship by discovering the Lussan Ceramics atelier, located only 6 minutes from the Domaine at the foot of the magnificent Gardois village of Lussan !

Published on : 14 February 2022.
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Weather in real time

In order to allow you to know what to put in your suitcase, and for a better preparation of your stay at the Domaine, we innovate by setting up on our website a weather information service for our region. This weather forecast will allow you to better organize your days as well as your participation in the activities planned at the Domaine. By clicking on the icon, you will even have the weather forecast for the coming weeks.

Published on : 31 January 2022.
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Symbiosphère intervention

As part of the preservation of our environment and the protection of the fauna and flora, the Domaine des Barons had the pleasure to receive last week the team of Symbiosphere which takes care of the maintenance of our ornithological installations.

Symbiosphere offers wooden refuges designed to restore living spaces favorable to threatened biodiversity.

Published on : 16 December 2021.
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The truffle festival in Uzès

Come and discover the black truffle of the Pays d’Uzès, Pont du Gard. A true treasure of French gastronomy, it is celebrated during the « Truffle Festival » organized in Uzès, from December 15th to March 15th.

During this festival, you will be able to buy fresh truffles directly from the producers, to discover the harmony between truffle food and wine of the winemakers of the Duchy of Uzès, to attend demonstrations of truffle hunting and also to participate in guided tours organized by the Tourist Office in order to discover the history of truffles.

Published on : 13 December 2021.
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Where to take the best gourmet walk ?

As you stroll through the Domaine des Barons, you will discover many plants that you can identify and even pick for your leisure.

In fact, in addition to the many fruit trees present on your way, we sat up two gardeners for self-service. Help yourself, it’s free !

Published on : 7 December 2021.
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Where to go climbing in the Gard department, France ?

The Occitanie region offers a wide range of magnificent spots where to learn or practice rock climbing.

Among these, the cliffs of Seynes in the east of Alès, in the department Gard (30), France. Seynes is located at the foot of the mountain “Mont Bouquet” which you can admire from your reserved holiday lodge accommodation at our parc.

Published on : 25 November 2021.
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In the respect of our nature, we favor “gentle” methods to perform any type of cleaning.

Our laundry detergent is homemade with only a few simple ingredients that are: soap of Marseille, a few drops of lavender essential oil coming from the Epicerie Goutières in Fons-sur-Lussan, baking soda and water. Simple ingredients for a healthy and sustainable laundry!

Published on : 10 November 2021.
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Always more comfort

We are happy to present you our new shelter for our goats and sheep!

Recently having welcomed several new friends, we decided to build a small house for them so that they can shelter from wind, rain or even heat.

Published on : 2 November 2021.
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Security update – defibrillator

The security of our residents and guests is our highest priority.

Sudden cardiac arrests represent a high rate of accidental deaths around the world.

Published on : 2 September 2021.
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Activities at the Domaine

Whether you like board games, reading, indoor or outdoor sports, we offer a wide range of activities, designed for all your desires, within the Domaine.

We have a large game room “the Club House” that is located at the restaurant and bar as well as nearby the swimming pools, the pétanque court, the city stadium for football and basketball games and the play area for children.

Published on : 1 September 2021.
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CASTELLAS DE BOUQUET – Combining reading and walking

Interested in theatre and walking? This travelling reading will delight you!

Discover the garrigue while enjoying a moment of calm to listen to the story of “Lenz” by Georg Büchner.

Published on : 8 June 2021.
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Presentation of new residents

Matelotte, our mother goat, made us a great gift the night of March 21, two little goats.

Published on : 9 April 2021.
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Hiking around our Domaine

Do you want to stretch your legs or admire the Cévennes nature? We show you some circuits between 3 km and 8 km, starting from the swimming pools, that will allow you to discover the neighborhood of the Domaine (You will find the itinerary under “Activities at Domaine”).

Published on : 8 March 2021.
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Étoile de Bessèges – a cycling race through Gard to follow !

This eco-responsible cycling race passes in front of the Domaine des Barons this Saturday, 06/02 around 1:00 pm.

Published on : 3 February 2021.
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The whole Domaine des Barons de la Chasse team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Published on : 6 January 2021.
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You may have noticed that we mention the Fromagerie Gaec Gueit on our website, and their cheese and organic lavender essential oil. Well…

Published on : 9 November 2020.
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The Domaine is beginning to prepare for winter, the leaves are changing colour on our trees and nature is going to sleep whilst we continue to make improvements.

Published on : 19 October 2020.
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Most of you know them, but perhaps some of you are asking who these men are who oversee the maintenance and smooth running of our Domaine.
It is our pleasure to introduce you to Thierry and Jean-Luc Cavalier.

Published on : 28 September 2020.
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With what we know today, we understand that is important to live in an environmentally-friendly manner and particularly with regard to fauna. We have installed many nest boxes for birds and bats, as well as hedgehogs…

Published on : 15 July 2020.
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Summer 2020 witnessed lots of changes and innovations at the Domaine, including the fitness trail, the multisport pitch and padel and tennis courts. We haven’t forgotten a single sport! Have fun and play whatever sport you choose with your friends at the Domaine.

Published on : 15 July 2020.
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“Change is the rule of life. And those whose attention is focused on the past or the present will miss out on the future.” JF Kennedy….

Published on : 10 July 2020.
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