Activities at the Domaine

activités Cévennes

Whether you like board games, reading, indoor or outdoor sports, we offer a wide range of activities, designed for all your desires, within the Domaine.

We have a large game room “the Club House” that is located at the restaurant and bar as well as nearby the swimming pools, the pétanque court, the city stadium for football and basketball games and the play area for children.

At this place you can relax by reading a good book thanks to our varied library or enjoy a board game because of our set of games like Monopoly, Scrabble, goose game etc. or warm up your hands by playing baby-foot with friends or even table tennis. We also provide you with tennis rackets, soccer, basketball as well as pétanque balls so that you can have fun outside on the different courts arranged for this purpose.

Published on : 1 September 2021.