The Conclusses of Lussan & la Pierre Plantée : a spectacular natural landscape

Conclusses de Lussan Occitanie

(c) photo : OT Cèze Cévennes

The Conclusses de Lussan are an exceptional natural site for family walkers. Located a few kilometres north of the village of Lussan, this place plunges you into a wild and singular environment, both fascinating and magnificent.

After a thirty-metre descent facing the cliffs, you will reach the gate that marks the entrance to the gorges. The gully before you looks like a tunnel with rocky walls closing in above your head. At the bottom, the river and its calm. You then enter a series of steep gorges six kilometres long, along the Aiguillon. This small tributary of the Cèze has carved out the limestone over the centuries, creating a spectacular landscape.

The result is a real natural masterpiece, with water holes, potholes, portals and belvederes in succession, framed by high cliffs. You can wander around as if on a fun, natural fitness trail. The Conclusses de Lussan are the perfect setting for beautiful walks and hikes. It is important to note that conditions can be difficult during periods of heavy rainfall.

Not far from the Conclusses de Lussan is the menhir of La Lèque, also known as the Pierre Plantée or Peyrefiche. It is a famous megalithic monument located in the commune of Lussan. Measuring 5.50 metres in height, it was erected on a high point offering a view of the Merderis ravine. The faces of the menhir have been entirely worked, presenting a regular fusiform shape that gradually tapers towards the top. At the base, the menhir has two indentations related to an attempt to cut it down and some modern inscriptions. This monument has been classified as a historical monument since 1910.

Published on : 15 May 2023.