The medieval garden of Uzès and its towers. Ideas for 2023

jardin médiéval Cévennes

Come and discover, in the heart of the city of Uzès, a place rich in history, art and botany. This place, located 30 minutes from the Domaine, is called “the medieval garden of Uzès and its towers”. Created in 1995 by the association In Situ in the grounds of the Raynon castle, if offers three botanical areas with no less than 450 varieties of plants, duly labelled, and illustrating the many uses that were made in the Middle Ages.

The artistic side of the garden is also present, with permanent and temporary exhibitions, workshops, concerts, etc.

In this garden, there are two 25 meter high towers : the king’s tower from which you can enjoy the panorama, the second being the bishop’s tower, whose walls are decorated with the graffiti  of prisoners – the site having been used as a prison regularly since the Middle Ages.

A great opportunity to discover the region and its history.

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Published on : 24 November 2022.