Weather in real time

météo Cévennes

In order to allow you to know what to put in your suitcase, and for a better preparation of your stay at the Domaine, we innovate by setting up on our website a weather information service for our region. This weather forecast will allow you to better organize your days as well as your participation in the activities planned at the Domaine. By clicking on the icon, you will even have the weather forecast for the coming weeks.

Temperatures are generally quite mild in our area, the average July-August temperature is around 22° and the average maximum temperature recorded does not exceed 28.6°. In case of strong heat, no stress! The multitude of trees on our site will protect you from the sunrays and the two swimming pools will reduce the temperature. For those who would like to cool down from the inside, wouldn’t then an ice cream be highly appreciated.

A weather beacon is present on the Mont Bouquet, it will provide you with all the information related to the wind, mainly on its direction and its speed, necessary information for all our amateur or professional paragliders.

The Gard is known for its weather conditions which may sometimes be tumultuous with its Cevennes episodes much appreciate when brings water our land but also fills our tanks present at many places on our Site. These rains are a blessing when we know the extent of the current climatic damage, they guarantee, among others, a fairly large quantity of water for the watering of our plants in the summer when water is scarce and precious.

Published on : 31 January 2022.