Dinopédia Parc – a journey back in time !

Would you like to introduce you and your children to the history of the world while having fun?

We suggest you discover the Dinopédia Parc, a leisure park located in La Grand-Combe, which is about 45 minutes from our Eco-Domaine in the Gard – France. This park is obviously about the era of dinosaurs and more particularly about the carboniferous era of the Mesozoic.

You and your children can discover over 100 animated and life-size dinosaur specimens as well as many other fun activities accessible for most of them as from 3 years old. On their website you will find a list of many dinosaurs including a photo animation and the portrait of the dinosaur concerned. Among these activities you will find, the visit of the fossil forest in a small train, a mini adventure course in the middle of the forest, a corridor of time, the zones of excavations and many others. A restaurant is also available on site offering local products, as well as a souvenir store to end your stay in style. What a good time to spend with your family combining games and learning.


Published on : 30 March 2022.