Les Céramiques de Lussan – A breeding like not other

Dive into the heart of our region’s craftsmanship by discovering the Lussan Ceramics atelier, located only 6 minutes from the Domaine at the foot of the magnificent Gardois village of Lussan !

You will discover the famous guinea fowls made of clay and painted by hand for a unique result. The manufacture of all these objects is done initially by the extraction of ground in a career, located at the foot of the Sainte Victoire, with two steps of Aix en Provence. Then comes a whole process of preparation of the slip, casting, emptying, demolding and engobing. Then it is the whole part of decoration which takes over with colors developed in workshop affixed on the objects with the hand, the sponge or the brush. To finish with the enameling and a single firing at 980°.

All these creations are available in Lussan, but also in a second store located in the town of Uzès, at 7 rue Jacques d’Uzès.

The atelier in Lussan and the store in Uzès also sell other animals made in the same way (birds, rabbits, chickens, ducks, etc…to complete your collection) as well as other objects that link beauty to usefulness such as vases, hors d’oeuvre dishes, jars that can be used to make jam and many others.

The packaging is also made with the utmost care and respect for the environment. The cushioning particles that prevent your item from breaking during the journey are made of corn and are fully biodegradable.

Make the choice of a beautiful, original, handcrafted and environmentally friendly product for a gift for your loved ones or for yourself.


Published on : 14 February 2022.