Mont Bouquet Occitanie

(c) photo : OT Cèze Cévennes

The Mont Bouquet is a vast limestone promontory located between Alès and Bagnols-sur-Cèze, in the Gard department and Occitanie region. The Guidon du Bouquet, its highest point, rises to an altitude of 629 metres. At the top stands a chapel housing the Admirable Mother of Mont Bouquet, a place of pilgrimage, as well as a large TDF antenna 60 metres high. Looking north-west, you can enjoy an extensive view of the Cévennes and the Ales basin. To the east, you can see the Rhône valley and Mont Ventoux, while to the south you can see the Garrigues. The site is popular with paragliding enthusiasts and, more rarely nowadays, hang-gliding enthusiasts, who fly from the top of the steep cliff overlooking the eastern slope or from the southern slope.



Conclusses de Lussan Occitanie

(c) photo : OT Cèze Cévennes

The Conclusses de Lussan are an exceptional natural site for family walkers. Located a few kilometres north of the village of Lussan, this place plunges you into a wild and singular environment, both fascinating and magnificent.

After a thirty-metre descent facing the cliffs, you will reach the gate that marks the entrance to the gorges. The gully before you looks like a tunnel with rocky walls closing in above your head. At the bottom, the river and its calm. You then enter a series of steep gorges six kilometres long, along the Aiguillon. This small tributary of the Cèze has carved out the limestone over the centuries, creating a spectacular landscape.

The result is a real natural masterpiece, with water holes, potholes, portals and belvederes in succession, framed by high cliffs. You can wander around as if on a fun, natural fitness trail. The Conclusses de Lussan are the perfect setting for beautiful walks and hikes. It is important to note that conditions can be difficult during periods of heavy rainfall.



La Pierre Plantée Occitanie

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Not far from the Conclusses de Lussan is the menhir of La Lèque, also known as the Pierre Plantée or Peyrefiche. It is a famous megalithic monument located in the commune of Lussan. Measuring 5.50 metres in height, it was erected on a high point offering a view of the Merderis ravine. The faces of the menhir have been entirely worked, presenting a regular fusiform shape that gradually tapers towards the top. At the base, the menhir has two indentations related to an attempt to cut it down and some modern inscriptions. This monument has been classified as a historical monument since 1910.



chateau d'Allègre Cévennes

As part of a beautiful walk with family, friends or alone, we invite you to discover the Château d’Allègre which is located in Allègre-les-Fumades. This monument whose date of construction is still unknown, but which we know is at least over 850 years old and one of the emblematic monuments in the history of our beautiful Gard region.

The start of the walk is accessible just five minutes from the Domaine and offers you on arriving at the belvedere, a complete panorama, which extends from Mont Bouquet to the peaks of the Monts d’Ardèche including the Pic Saint-Loup, the Aigoual, the Gard Cévennes, Mont Lozère, the Gardon plain and the Cèze.

As you feel it, you can continue your beautiful walk and discover the Chapelle St Saturnin located about 30 minutes of additional walk. During your getaway, you may have the chance to come across the legendary goat who has been living alone between the castle and the chapel for a few years already!

By organizing a medieval festival every year which takes place at the Château itself every 3rd Saturday of July, the Association for the Protection of the Château d’Allègre brings these vestiges of time back to life. Other local heritage protection associations will be present, such as the Castellas de Bouquet association or those of the Château de Montalet. A great opportunity to immerse yourself in history in a good festive and warm atmosphere.



Chapelle Saint Saturnin Cévennes

Who finds the wild goat with its big horns in the photo below? If you want to meet him, we recommend you to take your hiking boots and to go looking for him. You may cross him around the Chapel of Saint Saturnin, which is located at an altitude of 356 meters near the Château d’Allègre. The Chapel is only accessible by foot and as from the Château d’Allègre the path is well indicated. Under a natural shelter was a source with beneficent water that cured skin diseases. Children with ringworm or fever were taken to the Chapel of Saint Saturnin in the hope of curing them. Symbolically, their clothes were taken off and placed as an ex-voto on the threshold of the building. The water collected at the source healed the wounds. Nowadays, at Easter, a pilgrimage in honor of Saint Saturnin brings together many faithful people in the Chapel that has been rebuilt at the end of the 19th century.

Thanks to the Office de Tourisme in Allègre-les-Fumades for helping us writing this article :


grotte Cévennes

Get a lot of thrills and new knowledge by coming to discover the Salamander cave! The Salamander cave is one of the many caves in the region, it is located in Méjannes-le-Clap, only 16 minutes from the Domaine.

This cave, which was first explored in 1965 by a team of speleologists from Uzès and Nîmes, will delight young and old alike thanks to the many activities offered. Among these activities, you will have the possibility to take a guided tour, of about one hour, through the titanic stalagmites and the luminous and sound animations set up. You can also take advantage of the belvedere specially designed for people with reduced mobility, offering a unique view of the great hall of the cave. Another rather unusual activity awaits you with the possibility of flying in an “Aeroplume”, never seen before, you can fly while being underground! For children over 12 years old and for adults, an abseiling descent is also possible without any previous experience. The descent is done under the supervision of a state-certified speleologist guide, in a natural 50-meter shaft. Other activities are also available, to discover them we invite you to visit the site of the Salamander cave hereunder.



poissons local Gard

The fish farm “Les Fontaines d’Arlinde”, located at Allègre-les-Fumades, is an aquaculture farm that passed down and is still passing down their know-how from generation to generation, as it has been owned by the same family since 1957. The fish raised there bathe directly in the source “La Fontaine d’Arlinde” which is a Romaine source and one of the largest in the upper Gard. The fish are fed with a range of organic food provided by “Le Gouessant acquaculture”. This aquaculture farm provided us with beautiful fish for our restaurant throughout the season. The trout are fabulous, a must-try! You can go there and even catch your fish by your own and then share a nice moment of conviviality with family or friends.