Aiguèze Occitanie

(c) photo : préparestavalise

Aiguèze is a medieval village located in the Gard department in the Occitanie region of southern France. It is perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking the river Ardèche.

The village is known for its narrow, winding cobbled streets, ashlar houses, ancient gates and medieval towers, all of which bear witness to its rich and eventful history.

Aiguèze is an ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts, offering many possibilities for activities such as swimming and canoeing in the Ardèche River, hiking in the surrounding mountains, or visiting the prehistoric caves in the area.

In short, Aiguèze is a picturesque and historic village with a charming and relaxed atmosphere and beautiful natural surroundings. It is the perfect place for those looking to relax and recharge their batteries in a tranquil and authentic Provence setting.