Paragliding is the perfect way to first experience aerial sports. You can try the sport in complete safety accompanied by an expert monitor to whom you will be firmly attached. The take-off and landing during your paragliding flight will be gentle, and in addition to the amazing sensation of flying, you will enjoy a fantastic panoramic view. We are lucky enough to have a school very close to the Domaine, located in Seynes at the foot of Mont Bouquet, a key spot for paragliding and the site where many records have been set. From the summit of Mont Bouquet, you can see the Alps to the east, the sea to the south and to the west the Cévennes area with the mountains of Ardèche visible to the north. Laurent Geoffray, the founder and manager of the flight school since 1988, is just as passionate about the activity as he ever was. Don’t hesitate to contact him on our recommendation.